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How To Build a New Home On a Budget.

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Posted by Realtor Oge Okolo

There has been no change in the way we separate our living room from our sitting rooms regardless of the beautiful architectural design. Many want that luxury feels but don’t have the financial capabilities to spend big on those items.

I think it’s high time we redesign the feel of new modern homes to which allows the inhabitants to have a luxury home space without having to worry about incoming guests at the same time. There are case studies about homes in which durable and affordable materials were used to design a modern home. The only way to enjoy such a cost-effective luxury feeling in Lagos, Nigeria, unfortunately, is by being rich.

In other words, creating a domestic space that welcomes and encourages indoor/outdoor living, is only available to the rich. The cheap materials are not cheap anymore. Anyone who earns a salary of about 80k to 100k per month can enjoy a luxury life at home.

minimal interior home design
Interior Design Ideas

If you are a minimalist like me then you should understand that not all beauty and comes in a weight of gold. There is this intimate feeling that comes with such a design.

That was a quick digress, sorry.

If we scheme simple, more functional rooms of the home then we could save on cost and have more space to entertain guests without having to worry about privacy.

Saving cost in Architectural Structure

A simple, low-cost modern building designed with ease of living and positive family cohesion in mind should not cost more than 15 to 20 million Naira with all things being equal. However, this does not include the cost of land. Note that this is just a fair estimate.

In places or regions like Northern Nigeria specifically Jos, Gombe, Bauchi, the cost of land and building is far lower than the cost in Lagos. However, the same cannot be said for Abuja, the land of presidents. Abuja is central but the cost of housing is just as much as Lagos.

Employing the use of cost effective electrical appliances

Nothing gulps much more than expensive lighting. In this category, there isn’t much one can do but negotiate down for quality products. It still doesn’t rule out that there aren’t others that cost way less. After all, the aim is to save on spending as you plan to build your new home.

To go minimal in space is even a bonus on luxury feel as well as privacy. Go to the local market to buy handcrafted accessories, reach out to those home designers, or better still, Google the word “minimalist living room designs” to see what similar items you can easily pick in the market to make your home beautiful.

There is practically nothing that can’t be in any home that won’t save when they adopt minimalism. A lot of YouTube videos that even showcase some houses of Lekki citizens who were able to get creative to spice up their living space.

Having your guests build this huge mental image about your authenticity and use of minimalism is a great way to spark up your life in Lagos and Nigeria at large.

Low Budget Furniture in Minimalism

Thank God for local carpenter, hehehe… If not some of us will not look like the big boys and girls we wish to be seen as. I have seen sofas and cushions that were made for no more than 150k Naira. So why not stoop low a bit to get something quite exquisite.

Some curtains don’t go above 20k Naira for four windows. I am talking about beautiful designs with top quality. It may take time but they are there. Your negotiation skills just have to be top-notch.

If you have that friend that bargains like Naija mums do then take them with you.

Let’s redesign our home space for intimacy, and privacy at a reduced cost by choosing minimalism. This is the best way to reduce costs while building a new home on a budget.

So what do you think? Shouldn’t there be an uproar in this trend?

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