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4 Home Improvements That Will Really Pay Off When You Sell in Lekki.

Four home improvements that really pay off
Posted by Realtor Oge Okolo

…still baffles me, why fix and upgrade a home only when we want to sell? Having to live with inadequacies for years but only to make massive improvements for another.

The most common about the repairs are painting both inside and outside of the house, landscaping, and changing the bathroom tiles.

Hardly, do you meet a homeowner who doesn’t renovate before selling? Getting the right value or more is what I discuss in this post. About 83% according to the data from Zillow, 8 out of 10 sellers do renovations.

But the case here is what renovations you should make to get more ROI on that property in Lekki or anywhere.

Ready to make more money from your home? Let’s go.

Pre-research data

Your neighborhood should give you an idea to what properties are in trend. To know what property pays the highest and why.

Except your house isn’t located in a strategic position, then get the specifics of others that are. Another important factor is to know the type homes, are they the starter home?

These should help you narrow down what adjustments to make and what the expected return value should be.

After a careful study of your neighborhood, I would suggest having a small data to understand what type of occupants live around.

Though it may be hard to gather such information without the proper channels but it will help to know what renovations to make in your home suitable to your targets who might want to rent what you are selling.

Four things to renovate to gain more on ROI:


Excite your buyers with bright, warming, and attractive colors on the outside and keep them in with colors that appeal to life, peace, rebirth, and for the gram. Hehehe. A nice white ceiling too, makes rooms seem bigger.

Painting can take a while but if done right, is worth it. This is the first important part of renovating your property as you prepare to sell.


One, if not the most important part of a home that sparks a buyer’s interest, so invest in fixing this issue. People eat and so they must cook but no one wants to cook in a dull-looking, non-classy kitchen, especially Nigerian women in Lekki, they won’t tolerate that.

Renovating the entire kitchen isn’t the goal here as it might be a too expensive, plus, it doesn’t always guarantee a high-value return, so consider more modest projects like;

  • Adding a small heat extractor to the wall
  • New taps and new sink.
  • New kitchen lightings (bulbs, sockets, and switches)
  • Replace countertops/slabs with granite or marble tiles.
  • Changing curtains to cheap fancy blinds.


Remodeling your bathroom might seem like a huge deal but trust me it isn’t always so and it could be a deal-breaker for you. Homes in Lekki are currently switching to walk-in showers than the bathtub or a mix. In all fairness, it is easier to maintain a walk-in shower than a bathtub. Cleanliness is something I adhere to. It’s a discipline that everybody on earth loves.

Some quick fixes are;

  • Upgrade the hardware and lighting.
  • Change old toilets to the modern push to flush. Soft foam seats are cool additions too.
  • Consider adding a mirror too.

These will raise the stakes when bidding. You can use them as points during negotiations.


Honestly, you may have done all of the above but if you don’t clean up properly then I don’t know how you would expect the buyer to immerse himself in all beautiful remodeling you have done.

So clean the windows properly, scrub off those little dry paint drops. Open the windows at least 8 to 10 hours or a day prior to a home inspection.


One more thing, change your door locks and paint them if they are looking weathered. Never forget that doors that can’t lock will cause a huge scare for your buyers and we both know that safety comes…first.

A beautiful home with top-class security is a dream for all. So, when planning to sell, remember these tips, and trust me, your home will sell more than expected.

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